We guarantee shots

The high country is the place to be as fall approaches. Join RUGGED CLASS for a hunting experience of a lifetime.

RUGGED CLASS will teach you how to hunt trophy bulls and how to produce elk calls that elk find irresistible.

Robin Rodgers and Jerry Jensen have successfully hunted, bugled in, and taken video of hundreds of bulls in Washington, Oregon and Idaho during the rut over the last 20 years.During this time they have successfully filled 100% of their special permit tags with rifle and muzzle loader permits, 90% with archery. If you need our help in acquiring permits, please ask, RUGGED CLASS guaranteed shots have never failed.

P.O. Box 4138 Yakima, WA 98904
509-658-1921 or 509-969-3071
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Robin and Jerry have had 100% success rates in Naches Units #336, #340, #342, #346, #352, and #356. Join RUGGED CLASS in the beautiful high country where you are guaranteed shots at trophy class bulls in rifle, muzzle loader and archery seasons.